Why Blog?

I’ve been asked by people, “Why blog?” There are blogs out there on a person’s political stance, or blogs on fashion, and blogs on DIY, and that sort of thing. The internet is full of rants, trolls, the superficial, etc. Hopefully I’m none of those things, at least not 95% of the time. 😉 My blog doesn’t really cover any of those subjects.

This is my personal blog, hence the title, “My Blog, My Zen.” You don’t have to read it, you don’t have to comment, you don’t have to do crap. But me? This blog is my zen, I feel the need to blog — usually more so than I have time for. I blog about things that bother me, emotions that could fester if left unattended, ideas I’ve found helpful and would like to share, or thoughts that matter to me.

Blogging is a way of cleansing myself. It’s my “me” time. Blogging lets me regain balance in life, at least mentally/emotionally. It’s one of the means that lets me reach zen. It used to be, that I could reach zen through drawing. Now, I rarely find the inspiration to draw and my skills have been lacking… So blogging has been an easier means of getting there. 🙂

Having a blog allows me to vent the negativity without poisoning people who don’t realize the minefield they’ve walked into, because unlike Blog Readers — people in your physical life don’t have the option to search, pause, pick-and-choose, or walk away from a conversation as easily as you can with a blog post.

I suffer from PTSD (and MST) and it’s a toss-up between several doctors whether TBI is involved, but anyhow… Blogging has greatly helped me cope with PTSD and some of my memory loss issues. I can recall, reflect, etc life experiences through my blog posts and learn from them. Sometimes, ignorance is not bliss. Sometimes, having a blog can unearth emotions and events that you’ve buried within, thereby allowing you to gain clarity and move forward with your life. Reading back on your own blog posts can help you acknowledge your weaknesses and evolve from them, and/or help you recognize your strengths and maximize them.

Blogging allows me to share what I’ve learned and perhaps help someone else from making the same mistakes… or perhaps my shared experiences and thoughts can help make someone else’s life a little easier, a little less isolated. So many people go through the crappiest part of life alone, because they feel as though no one would understand, no one cares, or that no one should be burdened or poisoned by their drama & their life experiences. To discover that there are others out there who feel the same, creates a connection that makes you feel like you’re still a viable part of this plane of existence.

In the end, we are here on this Earth for one thing — to connect, to be understood, to feel like a part of something greater. So if you have a blog, feel free to share it with me. I will take a peek, I may dissect your thoughts, I might comment… Couldn’t you use a (devil’s) advocate, a cheerleader, perhaps a friend? ❤

[signed] Xorinth

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