This blog is rated M, with a few marked posts rated NC-17, as it may contain violence, explicit sexual content, emotional intensity, crude situations, strong graphic language, & disturbing/startling images. You’ve been warned; I claim no responsibility in what you view/read/learn from my blog posts! Reader discretion is strongly advised.

This disclaimer page was created mainly to cover my azz, especially since some of the people I blog about are those that I deal with on an everyday basis. I don’t necessarily want you to judge them based on the one-sided rants you see here. So on that note…

Blogging is my own personal means of brain dumping any drama, emotions, experiences and such while it’s eating at me…  Besides, it’s a free service compared to the cost of therapy… and honestly, participating in group/public bashings isn’t my thing.

Please note that I don’t claim to be objective in my thoughts or in my posts, nor do I claim to have all the answers (though I’m usually quick-witted). This blog is one-sided, as it contains the feelings I alone have felt, and the situations or conversations that my mind recollects from my own point of view, except when I’m using screenshots of text messages and such. 😉 I’d like to be fair — especially to those I do mention in this blog, so please try to keep this in mind! Objective or not, I do intend to spill my heart out here with every PMS’ed emotion that just cannot be restrained.

In order to protect the (not-always-so-) innocent (and sometimes myself), this may mean at times that some of my posts will not be visible to the public, i.e., some posts may be marked as private so that only I can read it, or some posts may be password-protected so that only a select-few can read it…

I hope you’ll understand & respect my privacy & those I speak of, & know that your privacy (and anonymity) is just as guarded on my li’l corner of the web! 🙂

[signed] Xorinth

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